COVID-19 Protocols

posted: by: Dr. Wickman Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

On June 1, Badgerland Veterinary Clinic will begin allowing pet owners who wish to accompany their pets into our building during appointments with our veterinarians.

This is a wonderfully positive step towards normalcy and I embrace the opportunity to meet with many of you in person once again.


While I hope that most of you will have received the COVID-19 vaccine, I also realize this is not a certainty, and I understand that no vaccine is completely fail-proof.

So, there will be some guidelines that are non-negotiable at this time...

1) Curbside service remains an option for any client who prefers to remain outside while we work with your pet. We have become incredibly efficient with this method. It works very well for us, and your pets seem to enjoy the experience as well.

2) If you do choose to come in with your pet…

a) ONE responsible person can accompany your pet(s) per visit. If you have children, unfortunately they will have to remain outside or at home. Please make necessary accommodations or choose option 1, curbside service.

b) All humans in our building must wear a mask (when clients are present) a mask that covers our mouths and nose. If you do not have a mask, or do not wish to wear one properly, choose Option 1 curbside service, or ask us and we will provide a mask for you.

c) Upon arrival, you will call us from your vehicle and one of our technicians will come out to greet you and guide you directly into one of our exam rooms. Our waiting area/lobby will remain closed. Your visit will occur in the exam room, necessary lab samples will be collected in the treatment area (away from owner). The checkout process will also occur in the exam room.

After your visit, the examine room will be completely cleaned, disinfected and readied for the next guests. Our restroom will remain closed to the public. 

Technician appointments - anal glands, nail trims, vaccine boosters, etc. as well as all medication and food pickup will remain curbside service only. 


Although I realize it should go without saying, please respect these guidelines. They are guidelines that I feel are reasonable, understandable and will protect the health of my staff and our vulnerable clientele.

Take care, and stay healthy!